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The formal owner started Leather Impressions over 20 years ago in October 1990. After a successful corporate career he bought a small handbag factory which employed 4 staff members. He had no experience in the industry and had been Financial Manager at a furniture manufacturer. So he had a little manufacturing experience. As a schoolboy he had done leather work, making belts and handcrafted handbags from Veg leather.

The company grew dramatically when cell phones were introduced into South Africa. A very dynamic customer approached him to make cell phone covers. The next 3 years were amazing. The company grew from having 6 staff to over 60 staff members in just over a year. The demand for cell phone pouches was initially incredible and the margins were extremely good.

The next break came when a customer asked him, if he was prepared to make handbags out of springbok skins.
No one was making springbok skin handbags at the time. Over the years, this bag has also been copied by various manufacturers.

In January 2012 the company was sold to the current owner Vanessa Maes. At this point the strategy and vision of the company changed. Leather Unlimited only produces according to the highest quality standards. We only use Italian fittings and zips from well known factories. In November 2012 Leather Unlimited launched it's own brand Saem by Nature.

With a large warehouse in Europe we can deliver the Saem brand around Europe in a few days!