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From every sold product, Leather Unlimited donates a percentage to the Amersfoort Pre-Primary School. It is a very small school in Amersfoort, Mpumalanga, South Africa with 52 children of which 14 is white, 4 is Indian and 34 is black. Currently the school employs two teachers, one secretary and one temporary teacher. The temporary teacher only gets a very small fee, as this is all that the school finances can afford!
There is a waiting list of children, who applied for schooling at Amersfoort pre-primary school, but the school does not have enough space in the current classes for all the children.

If they can start a third class and make the temporary teacher a permanent teacher, they will be able to help more of the black children that desperately needs our help. Without the third class, they will be back to square one with all the children on the waiting list! The Amersfoort Pre-Primary school is said to be one of the best schools in Mpumalanga, and is very involved with the surrounding black schools.

The teachers have monthly cluster meetings with the surrounding black schools, helping them with their weekly preparation for each class and teaching them more skills in order to be better teachers. Most of the costs involved with this meetings and training comes from the teachers’ own pockets. Any funds that they receive extra, will be used to help the school giving education to less privileged children, that desperately need teaching!